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Crosswise Summer Experience

2021 Theme: Techno-Human: Who do you say that I am?


Speaker on stage at Crosswise Summer Experience

What Happens at Crosswise?

Techno-Human: Who do you say that I am?

The Digital Age is forcing us to ask deep questions about our identity: What makes humans, human? What effect does technology have on my identity? Whether its smartphones, pacemakers, or brain implants, people are beginning to realize that we have a relationship with our technological devices; they are not neutral tools. Critically engaging our current cultural fascination with digital devices will help us discern what future God has designed for his people. Perhaps it will be a future laden with technological advances, propelling humanity into Transhumanism. Perhaps we will return to an emphasis on traditional human interactions, guided by simple virtues like empathy and hospitality. Who are we to become? Come and join the conversation!

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