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Tier One

1st Place: Nathan Estrick

  • The Whole Flocke of Christ: Oliver Cromwell and the Churches under the Protectorate

2nd Place: Vanessa Royal

  • An Investigation into the Biomechanics and Treatment Modalities of Overriding Dorsal Spinous Processes (“Kissing Spine”) in Equines

3rd Place: Oliver DiMartino & Hannah Kim

  • Lifestyle & Parkinson’s Disease Longitudinal Study (LPLS)

Honorable Mention: Rebekah Caesar

  • The Jacobite Uprising of 1745: Counterinsurgency, Intelligence, and Espionage

Honorable Mention: Leonard Mermon

  • Reciprocity of Invitational Rhetoric Within the Context of Polarizing Topics

Tier Two

1st Place: Greta Jones

  • Writing Judith: A Literary Analysis Of A Second Century Text

2nd Place: Kyra Enoru

  • Manufacturing an Osteochondral Replacement for the Facet Joint

3rd Place: Reagan Wagner

  • The Effects of Spiritual Disciplines Intervention on Positive and Negative Emotion and Meaning in Life

Best Academic Poster

Harry Nixon

  • What is the Most Effective Periodontal Disease Treatment in Canines, and How Can it Increase the Convenience of Preventative Oral Hygiene Methods?
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