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Tier One

1st Place: Ruthanna Belden - faculty sponsor: Dr. Sean Bignami

  • Effects Of Storage Techniques On Otoliths By Examining FT-IR Spectroscopy

2nd Place: Owen Milligan - faculty sponsor: Professor Michael Kinnen

  • An Analysis Of Company Stock Performance In Response To Federal Government Unemployment Insurance Benefits

3rd Place: Joemyl Rajah Ian Osorio - faculty sponsor: Dr. Lindsay Kane-Barnese

  • Comparison Of The Analgesic Properties Of Cannabidiol To Traditional NSAID Drugs On Injured Danio Rerio

Honorable Mention: Rachel Lwin & Peighton Garvin - faculty sponsor: Dr. Nathan Meier

  • The Effects Of Positive Psychology On Positive And Negative And Emotion And Meaning In Life

Honorable Mention: Ryan Dunn - faculty sponsor: Dr. Jeff Mallinson

  • An Exploration Of “Good Government”: The Republic of Sienna in its Golden Age, 1260-1355

Tier Two

1st Place: Nathan Estrick - faculty sponsor: Dr. Jeff Mallinson

  • The Myth Of The Supermen And Their Confrontation With Death

2nd Place: Alana Hurley - faculty sponsor: Dr. Nathan Meier

  • The Relationship Between Body Image, Disordered Eating, and Athletic Performance in NCAA Cross Country Athletes

3rd Place: Sarah Ibrahim - faculty sponsor: Dr. Sarah Karam

  • Malaria In Africa: A Global Burden In Need Of A Clear Solution

Best Poster

Zoie Moore - faculty sponsor: Dr. John Norton

  • The Reader Is Dead: The Legitimacy And Impacts Of Social Media Poetry

2021 Finalist Abstracts

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