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Tier One

1st Place: Sean Nowlan - faculty sponsor: Dr. Caleb Karges

  • Boston as a Fiscal-Military Hub: Debt, Death, and Deals

2nd Place: Parker Hicks - faculty sponsor: Dr. Sarah Karam

  • HiCARN: Resolution Enhancement of Hi-C Data Using Cascading Residual Networks

3rd Place: Emily Castro, Alyssa Kawata, & Britney Lam - faculty sponsor: Dr. Nathan Meier

  • Family History and Personal History Influence Health Literacy of Chronic Disease

Honorable Mention: Tyler Heggenes - faculty sponsor: Dr. John Kenney

  • Spectroscopy and Symmetry Analysis of Dichloro (Mesitylene) Ruthenium(II) as a Practical Catalyst

Honorable Mention: Timothy Stueve - faculty sponsor: Dr. Brian Santin

  • Is Existentialism Dead? How Ingmar Bergman Kept Existentialism Alive For the Second Half of the 20th Century

Best Poster

Audrey Plechas - faculty sponsor: Dr. Melinda Schulteis

  • How to Pop It? A Mathematical Investigation of the Latest Game Fad

Tier Two

1st Place: Oliver Di Martino - faculty sponsor: Dr. Brian Ballard

  • Abortion Axiology: Why it is better if fetuses (and Africans, and Jews) are persons

2nd Place: Andrew Shiroma - faculty sponsor: Prof. Joshua Tallman

  • Battleship Bots: Examination of Two-Dimensional Search Algorithms

3rd Place: Adebayo Akinwale, Kailee Dickerson, Andy Kapoor, & Khoi Vu - faculty sponsor: Dr. Lindsay Kane-Barnese

  • Investigation into The Copper Chaperone Dependent Activation of The Protein Superoxide Dismutase

Best Poster

Madison Zuniga - faculty sponsor: Dr. Scott Stiegemeyer

  • An Exploration of Iconography in the Early Church: Depictions of Christ in Classical and Late Antiquity Art
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