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The 2013 Showcase drew over 24 participants, and 16 faculty members from a wide variety of academic disciplines. Below are the Tier One and Tier Two finalists, with links to the abstracts of their research. Read more about the Showcase.

Tier One

Grace Chong’s Presentation

1st Place: Grace Chong - faculty mentor Dr. John Kenney

  • Solar Energy Storage II: Photoactivity of Earth-Abundant Transition Metal Oxides Using the Solar Energy Activity Lab (SEAL) with Dry Electrode Contacts

“It was really challenging and rewarding at the same time. I loved the unique opportunity to work one-to-one with my mentor.”
-Grace Chong

Meseker Abate’s Presentation

2nd Place: Miseker Abate - faculty mentor Dr. Young and Dr. Kane-Barnese

  • Shedding New Light on Acne: The Effects of Photodynamic Therapy on Propionibacterium acnes
Joseph Laughon’s Presentation

3rd Place: Joseph Laughon - faculty mentor Dr. Jeff Mallinson

  • From Geneva to Yorktown: Did Calvinist Resistance Theory Influence the American Revolution?
Rebecca Rierson Lott’s Presentation

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Rierson Lott - faculty mentor Dr. Daniel van Voorhis

  • Stranger in a Strange Land: The Story of John a Lasco, the Forgotten Reformer
Megan Greidanus and Kristin Tuccinardi’s Presentation

Honorable Mention: Megan Greidanus and Kirstin Tuccinardi - faculty mentor Dr. John Lu

  • Motivations for the Pursuit of an Undergraduate Education: A Comparison Between Students and Faculty

Tier Two

Roberto Flores de Apodaca’s Presentation

1st Place: Roberto Flores de Apodaca - faculty mentor Dr. Melinda Schulteis

  • Reforming the Electoral College

"It was totally fun. I got to know a lot of people, and helped me to grow as a person, and as a student."
- Roberto Flores de Apodaca

Karen Gurske’s Presentation

2nd Place: Karen Gurske - faculty mentor Prof. Sherilyn Schneekluth

  • Turning the Page on Ineffective Reading Instruction: Look and Say Versus Phonics
Allistair Galindo’s Presentation

3rd Place: Allistair Galindo - faculty mentor Susan Bachman

  • Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra: Unlocking Literature through Logic

Best Poster

Paige Finley’s Presentation

Paige Finley - faculty mentor Dr. Lindsay Kane-Barnese

  • Insights to the Activation of CCS Dependent Sod1: Determining if Over Expressing CCS wt, C231S, C229S, and C229-231S Rescues Sod1 Growth in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
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