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Tier One

1st Place: Adam Dougherty - faculty member Dr. Tom Mueller

  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Determining Alternative Harmonic Cadences in Bill Evans’ Alice in Wonderland Using Negative Harmony

2nd Place: Daniel Welchons – faculty mentor Dr. Melinda Schulteis

  • Easier Said than Done: The Collatz Conjecture

3rd Place: Emily Wood – faculty mentor Dr. Herbert Geisler

  • Debussy and Mélodie: Analyzing the Literary-Musical Dialogue in Selected Songs of Claude Debussy

Honorable Mention: Derek Deming – faculty mentors Dr. John Kenney and Dr. Inga Kenney

  • Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Chromium Acetylacetonato Complexes

Honorable Mention: Manoah Marton & Caleb Speakman – faculty mentor Dr. Adam Francisco

  • “From Denmark to Hungary: Exploring the Importance of Oral History through Personal Narratives”

Tier Two

1st Place: Denise Sprimont & David Vasquez - faculty mentor Dr. Russell Dawn

  • The Han Dynasty: A Democratic China

2nd Place: Josiah Popp - faculty mentor Dr. Caleb Karges

  • Clearing Clouds in War and Weaponry: A Disciplined Approach to Deploying Land-Based Phalanx Weapons Systems to South Korea

3rd Place: Savannah Neu - faculty mentor Dr. Sean Bignami

  • Evaluation of Tagging and Tracking Methods of Pismo Clams (Tivela Stultorum) in Southern California

Best Posters

Benjamin Lange - faculty mentor Dr. Jack Schultz

  • Dynamic Race Perceptions: The Invalidity and Unreliability of Census Racial Categories

Abigail Large - faculty mentor Dr. Bret Taylor

  • Mathematics Anxiety and Inquiry-based Learning in Core Math Classrooms
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