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Overview of 2014 Presidential Showcase Projects

Congratulations to this year’s President’s Academic Showcase of Undergraduate Research winners:

Tier One Results:

1st Place: Chase Harrington - faculty mentor Dr. Daniel van Voorhis

  • From Brubeck to Brezhnev: How American Jazz Diplomacy Shaped the Cold Warfaculty mentor

2nd Place: Shannon (Meredith) Prier - faculty mentor Dr. Adam Francisco

  • The Hidden Imam in Iran: Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Nuclear Policy

3rd Place: Rebecca (Rierson) Lott - faculty mentor Dr. Daniel van Voorhis

  • The Modern Welfare State: From 16th Century Ypres to the World

Honorable Mention: Cassie Hollman and Rafael Ramos - faculty mentor Dr. John Kenney

  • Determining the Position Angle and Separation of the Double Star STF 2448 Utilizing an Astrometric Eyepiece and Video Capture

Honorable Mention: Kyle Weeks - faculty mentor Dr. David Loy

  • The Improbability of an Insensate Creator

Tier Two Results:

1st Place: Thomas Moreno and Cy Perkins - faculty mentor Dr. Lindsay Kane-Barnese

  • Insights into the role of interactions between VDAC1, Bcl-2, and mutant Sod1 in familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly called Lou Gehrig’s disease

2nd Place: Kendall Davis - faculty mentor Dr. CJ Armstrong

  • “My Kingdom is Not of This World”: Pre-Nicene Christians and the Roman Military

3rd Place: Phoebe Weaver - faculty mentor Dr. John Kenney

  • The Quenching Effects of Singlet Oxygen

Best Poster

Faith McAllister and Kevin Guck - faculty mentor Dr. John Kenney

  • Optical Wavelength Analysis of Ruby and Gas Discharge Tubes with a Diode Laser and Helium Neon Laser through the Implementation of a Fiber Optic Cable
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