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Masters In Coaching Episode XXIV: Associate Dean of Athletics Shawn Harris

Coach's Playbook

Posted on 6/15/2021 by Petros and Money, Tim Cates

Shawn Harris, Associate Dean of Athletics, Westcliff University

After a successful career in the private sector, he's now built a flourishing athletic department at Westcliff University. He is Sean Harris.

Show Highlights

  • How nearing the end of the pandemic is impacting his team
  • How different state COVID-19 restrictions impacted this season
  • Every coach wants to coach, and every player wants to play - they are ready to get back to it
  • Why Westcliff University’s excellent location, academics, and sports make it a destination spot
  • Westcliff University achieved 23 athletic teams this year and has the best of both worlds with teams in the California Pacific Conference and NAIA
  • Westcliff University has unique degree programs tailored for future professional athletes and has recently added the Western State College of Law to its campus
  • How he went from being a United States Marine for 8 years to the Associate Dean of Athletics at Westcliff University
  • How he took his experience from being a volunteer coach for high schools, junior colleges, and Vanguard University and became an Associate Dean of Athletics
  • How he started at Westcliff University with 23 athletes and expanded the department to include over 400 athletes 
  • How partnering with the community and self-start groups has impacted the athletic culture
  • How he feels about the GPAs of his student athletes this year
  • What he did to support his athletes’ mental healths
  • What President Dr. Anthony Lee and Shawn Harris did to support athletes’ mental health, especially during the pandemic
  • Consistency and communication were key during this pandemic year
  • How his experience as a parent of a student athlete during the COVID-19 pandemic impacted his actions within his program
  • He is currently working as an adjunct pro pursuing a PhD in Sports Leadership at Concordia University Chicago
  • What makes CUI’s MCAA program so unique compared to other Master’s in Coaching programs and the skills students can gain

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