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California Coaches Conference | Master's in Coaching and Athletics Administration | Concordia University Irvine

June 26 - June 30, 2023


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California Coaches Conference

Hosted by the Master's in Coaching Program at Concordia University Irvine

June 26 - June 30, 2023

California Coaches Conference (CCC) hosted on campus and in person on Concordia University Irvine's campus in beautiful Southern California. The CCC provides a great opportunity to network with coaches and administrators from across the country. Current students have the option to take an elective course, hear from experts and experienced leaders in sports. Conference is Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.

CA. Coaches Conference will include in-person presentations from 4 keynote speakers, provide 9 sport specific classes to choose from with one elective strength, speed, and conditioning class option. Lodging is available on campus in dorms (fee applicable) or off campus at a near by hotel; Sonesta Hotel, Irvine. Please contact Rochelle Short at [email protected] for more lodging information.


2022 CCC Schedule Highlights:

California Coaches Conference Recap
The California Coaches Conference was once again back in person on Concordia’s campus this past June. MCAA current students, alumni, faculty, and area athletics department leaders enjoyed engaging with four exceptional Keynote speakers, attending sport specific classes, networking with experienced industry professionals , and participating in fun social networking opportunities. This year's conference featured eight Sport specific courses; Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Track and Field, Soccer, Softball, Speed-Strength and Conditioning, and Volleyball. Below are the specific highlights from each day:

Day One featured national speaker Lynn Guerin who shared his expertise and wisdom on how leaders in athletics can effectively apply John Wooden’s principles and Pyramid of Success in their respective programs and departments. After this dynamic opening keynote speech, MCAA students, alumni, and area coaches attended their sports specific morning class sessions. Later MCAA honored Southern California resident alumni at an on-campus Alumni Social Mixer in the beautiful Alumni Plaza. With 4700+ alums in our program, we were able to connect faculty, alumni, and current students in an informal networking evening. You won’t want to miss the next one!

Day Two began with honoring alumnus and adjunct faculty member Scott Glabb at the annual MCAA Prayer Breakfast. Scott was awarded the 2022 Alumni Award for Excellence for his work at Santa Ana High School and the surrounding community while leading his exceptional multi-championship wrestling program. This was followed by Olympic Gold Medalist keynote speaker Staciana Winfield, who gave a very moving and inspirational speech on thriving professionally and personally while overcoming adversity.

Day Three kicked off with Director of MCAA, Jim Kunau as the keynote speaker. He addressed the attendees with a plan to create programs built on Character, Connection, Culture, and Competitive Excellence. Later during the midday break, attendees, students, alums, and community-area coaches enjoyed networking over lunch, games, and music during the Eagle Mingle. CUI’s top rated Bon Appetit food service provided lunch. That evening, the faculty awards dinner was held for all MCAA faculty and staff. Instructors Matt Ruiz and Dr. Jim Forkum were honored and offered heartfelt congratulations for their commitment to excellence serving students.

Day Four the keynote speaker was Ali Kershner from the Art of Coaching, an organization committed to instilling and increasing excellence in coaching and leadership. Her expertise accrued from training high level collegiate athletes and mentoring college coaches was dynamically presented through many key insights, including how to maximize learning and performance in the weight room through innovative methods. The lunch break featured the highly anticipated Athletics Directors Round Table. This year's panel was tremendous and included a District Athletic Director (Brett Dohling), Community College AD (Keith Shackleford), four-year Collegiate AD (Crystal Rosenthal), Private High School School AD (Annie Garrett), and Public High School AD (Peter Abe). The highly informative event was attended by all participants, many asked the experienced panel members probing questions on highly relevant and challenges issues such as current events, hot topics, and hiring practices.

Friday, Day Five, was the conference's concluding day. It was reserved for completing course work, final off-site visits, and hands-on skill training in various realms of competition. MCAA wrapped up the conference with a closing devotion and send off prayer by Director Jim Kunau, and an exciting preview of next year's California Coaches Conference, set for the week of June 26-30, 2023.

Sport-Specific Breakout Sessions

The conference offers 9 sport specific breakout courses (listed below) that allow coaches and athletics directors the opportunity to gain even more knowledge in their desired field using a hands-on approach. Applied Exercise Science and Strategies:

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Conference Rates & Packages

Sessions include:

  • On Campus in Irvine, California
  • Live In-person Instructions and Presentations
  • 4 Keynote Speakers
  • 9 Sport Specific Class Offerings
  • Sport Specialized Off-Site Visits - Details TBA
  • Athletic Director Round Table Discussion - Open to all participants
  • Hot Topics Discussion - Open to all participants
  • Lodging Available - please contact Rochelle at [email protected] for more information
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  • Graduate Credit (4 units)


  • CUI/MCAA Alumni (non-credit)


Group Rate
  • 2+ coaches, same school; non-credit


* Price is subject to change

Current MCAA/MSCE Students

Current students can register for any one of the sport-specific courses via MyRecords to participate in the California Coaches Conference. Structurally, the course will be one week in length (June 26 - June 30) and will meet 8 am to 5 pm on campus. Students will receive 4 units of elective credits.

If you have any questions or would like more information please reach out to us: [email protected] (academic advisor)

For more information about the CCC, please direct any questions to:

Rochelle Short

Rochelle Short
Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]

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