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Masters In Coaching Episode XVII: Athletic Director & Softball Coach Crystal Rosenthal

Posted on 4/20/2021 by Tim Cates

 Crystal Rosenthal, 02,’ MCAA Graduate 2007, Athletic Directory and Softball Head Coach, Concordia University Irvine

Joining us today is a woman who has had a lot of success coaching the women’s softball team at Concordia University Irvine. She took over in 2009 and since then has amassed over 500 wins. A year ago she took over as the Athletic Director at Concordia. She’s got a full plate, and we appreciate her time as she joins us now, she is Crystal Rosenthal.  

Show Highlights

  • Despite the pandemic, Concordia athletes are playing
  • How to manage during a pandemic when the nature of athletics is contact
  • A blueprint for directing athletics
  • Elevating the student-athlete’s experience
  • Resourcing every coach to achieve the goals for their program
  • How a path to Law School pivoted to coaching
  • 500 wins came fast and thanks goes to the student athletes and assistant coaches
  • The power of parental mentorship
  • Advocate for your athletes
  • Always give back
  • What to look for in a head coach
  • In the MCAA program, you explore if who you say you are matches who you real are
  • A growth mindset is essential for a coach
  • The pandemic battle-tested the campus some people rose to the challenge

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