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Masters In Coaching Episode XXIII: Coach Chad Johnson

Posted on 6/4/2021 by Tim Cates

Chad Johnson, Head Football Coach, Mission Viejo High School

He helped build one of the most dominant high school football programs in the country as offensive coordinator at Saint John Bosco, now three years as the head coach at Mission Viejo high school. During the pandemic shut down, he was rallying the cause to let the kids play. He is Chad Johnson.

Show Highlights

  • His accomplishments as an offensive coordinator in Orange County
  • How he balanced the social and emotional health of his athletes during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How athlete mental health became a primary concern during the pandemic
  • Why he is so passionate about getting kids back on the field
  • Why this spring season of football was bittersweet
  • How California’s late football season impacted recruiting for 2021, 2022, and 2023
  • How his high school football coach, Mike Miller, impacted his career choice
  • What he learned as an offensive coordinator at Saint John Bosco High School and Trabuco Hills High School that led him to his position as head football coach at Mission Viejo High School
  • How his team was ranked number one in the country from 2012 to 2018
  • Why attending Hofstra University impacted the way he measures success as a coach
  • Why all athletes, not just five-star athletes like Josh Rosen, can be successful in their college careers
  • What it was like to be the successor of Bob Johnson, one of the most winningest high school football coaches in California
  • How Mission Viejo High School’s head football coach before Bob Johnson, Bill Crow, started his career as a coach
  • Why he has been working hard to continue the previous coaches' legacies
  • How a sense of community and school spirit distinguish public high schools from private high schools
  • How his passion for teaching his athletes life lessons played a role in his decision to go back to school and achieve a Master’s in Coaching from Concordia University Irvine

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