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Masters In Coaching Episode XIII: Athletic Director Brian Barnes

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Tim Cates

Brian Barnes, MCAA Graduate, Athletic Director at West Covina High School

Our guest this week is the Athletic Director at West Covina High School; he’s been doing that for 6 years. He got his Master’s degree in Coaching and Athletics Administration from Concordia University Irvine. He loved it so much, he’s now teaching a class at Concordia University Irvine. He spent 14 years as a teacher before becoming an Athletic Director, teaching math, pre-algebra, and AP stats. He was a coach for baseball, football, and golf at West Covina High School. He is Brian Barnes and he joins us now.

Show Highlights

  • How a proactive plan during the pandemic helped their student-athletes get back to practice safely
  • How getting back to practice improved the student’s mental health
  • Why coaches and ADs are uniquely suited for pivoting during a pandemic
  • How observing other groups safely gathering informed their plan for athletics
  • His plan A and plan B out of high school
  • What he has focused on as an Athletic Director
  • Why student-athletes benefit from focusing on their academics
  • The challenge of communicating without face-to-face time
  • How their district set up a Coach’s Academy for their high school coaches
  • How the course Ethics in Sports offers coaches perspective and builds empathy
  • The power of a student-athlete / coach relationship
  • How a graduate education can help you succeed in your career

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