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Masters In Coaching Episode XVIII: Athletic Director & Softball Coach Troy Roelen

Coach's Playbook

Posted on 5/3/2021 by Petros and Money, Tim Cates

 Troy Roelen, Co-Athletic Directory and Head Boys Basketball Coach, Mission Viejo High School

I’m excited to talk to our guest today, he’s the Co-Athletic Director and Head Boys Basketball Coach at Mission Viejo High School. He also teaches classes. He’s a professor for Concordia University Irvine’s Master’s in Coaching and Athletics Administration Program. He is Troy Roelen and he’s got a lot on his plate right now with all sports happening - boys, girls, he’s got a lot to juggle and we appreciate the time. 

Show Highlights

  • Right now it’s like herding cats - but it’s organized chaos!
  • It is a particularly challenging time for multi-sport athletes
  • Mathematically, we didn’t think we’d make it to the yellow tier, or have a season
  • The big picture there are things bigger than the game
  • Adapt to what you’ve been given
  • Socrates always appealed to me because he interviewed athletes - and they were held to a higher standard
  • I hope to pay it forward and help mentor young coaches
  • Understand you’re part of a long tradition, and no one wants that tradition to fade. You want to add to the legacy.
  • Hear why a man named Troy didn’t attend USC
  • Kids are different now - your coaching style needs to change
  • There is a symbiotic relationship between coaching and administration
  • Kaizen mentality - always learning, always improving
  • We’re looking for the transformational coach - how can you make this athlete a better person
  • I think education is the only real way to better yourself
  • The importance of science in sports and how it can translate across different disciplines
  • You have to evolve - if you stagnate, people are going to pass you up
  • Replace trophies with smiles - it’s far more important

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