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Masters In Coaching Episode X: Super Bowl Champion Brett Swain

Posted on 11/3/2020 by Tim Cates

Brett Swain, MCAA Graduate 20xx, former NFL WR and Super Bowl Champion, Life Coach

Our guest today was a standout at Carlsbad High School. For four seasons he played at San Diego State, then was a seventh-round pick at the Green Bay Packers out of college. He played 5+ seasons in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl Championship with the Green Bay Packers. Now, he’s back home in San Diego helping the youth and student-athletes reach their potential in high school and on into collegiate and professional careers. He is Brett Swain. You can follow him on Twitter at @brett_swain16.

Show Highlights

  • What it means to win a Super Bowl
  • How the Master's in Coaching helped Brett define his passion
  • How strength & conditioning provides a platform for mentoring
  • How his mentors propelled him to the NFL
  • Why student-athletes need to continue learning & goal-setting
  • Do student-athletes today understand the nuance of technique?
  • Training is also about personal development for student-athletes
  • Success begins with details like arriving on time
  • How he had to adjust his expectations for high school athletes
  • How a growth mindset and personal investment are keys to development
  • How the Master's in Coaching helped him understand what to do with failure
  • The joy of watching his athletes on Friday nights
  • How structure helps student-athletes succeed in meeting their goals
  • Accountability is a two-way street

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