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Mission Statement

In accordance with the University’s mission, the Writing Studio seeks to empower students as life-long critical thinkers and clear communicators by supporting their development as writers.

We believe that writers across all disciplines, at all skill levels, and at any stage in the writing process, benefit from genuine dialogue about their writing. Through one-on-one conferencing and group workshops we act as listeners and guides, respecting and supporting a diverse range of writers as they ask questions, solve problems, and discover new ideas in order to communicate effectively.

During this process, we seek to equip students with strategies for future writing tasks so that they may develop into confident, independent thinkers and writers.

Student Learning Outcomes & Department Objectives

  1. Increased Confidence: Student-writers will demonstrate increased confidence in their writing based on techniques and strategies learned and/or clarified during Writing Studio sessions.
  2. Writing Strategy Development & Application: Student-writers will practice one or more writing skills/strategies each session. They will also formulate “next steps” to guide progress in applying those skills after the session is over. Writing skills and strategies include but are not limited to (a) assignment interpretation, (b) brainstorming, (c) pre-writing, (d) thesis development, (e) outlining, (f) organization, (g) paragraph development, (h) source incorporation & proper citation, (i) voice & style.
  3. Improved Student Writing: Students will apply feedback from consultations to make positive global and local revisions to their writing.
  4. Professional Development: Peer Writing Studio Consultants will report that working in the Writing Studio and participating in Writing Studio professional development activities helped them to grow academically and intellectually in the following areas, which are transferable to a variety of academic and professional careers: improved written communication skills, improved ability to solve complex problems, improved active listening skills, increased confidence in using their knowledge to help others.
  5. Diversity: The racial and ethnic demographics of Writing Studio and Online Writing Lab clients will correspond with the racial and ethnic demographics of the Concordia University Irvine student body.


We’re here for you. Writing Consultants can help you:

  • Brainstorm ideas for your paper
  • Organize and focus ideas
  • Improve revision, editing, and proofreading skills
  • Learn to consider audience and tone
  • Check format and documentation for research papers

For more information about our services, and to learn how to schedule an appointment, watch Writing Studio 101 for in-person appointments or OWL 101 for online appointments.

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