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Annual Report

The Writing Studio’s annual report contains information and statistics about Writing Studio and Online Writing Lab (OWL) use, clients, special projects, and research in a given academic year. A brief summary is below. You can also download the complete 2019-2020 annual report.

2019-2020 Brief Summary

Data for the undergraduate Writing Studio was collected between August 26, 2019 (opening day) and May 1, 2020 (closing day). Because the Online Writing Lab runs year-round, data for OWL was collected from May 1, 2019, and May 1, 2020. Together, the Writing Studio and OWL had 3,333 consultations/submissions with 1,212 writers. Additionally, the Writing Studio conducted 13 writing workshops for graduate and undergraduate students on a variety of topics, including adapting to college-level writing, using APA format, integrating outside sources, writing in the sciences, and more. The Writing Studio facilitated two presentations for faculty and staff: one about writing effective assignments and one that showcased our assessment practices.

In March, due to COVID-19 and the cancelation of face-to-face classes at CUI, the onsite Writing Studio moved to an online asynchronous format and conducted online writing workshop via Blackboard Collaborate.

Below is a summary of the number and types of consultations that the Writing Studio’s 11 undergraduate and 10 professional writing consultants had with students.

Writing Studio

Although the Writing Studio conducted fewer overall appointments this year compared to previous years, the clientele was more diverse in terms of class standing than in previous years. Last year, around 52% of clients were freshmen, while this year, only 41% were freshmen. Compared to last year, the Writing Studio saw a 4% increase in the number of junior clients, a 4% increase in the number of senior clients, and a 2% increase in the number of graduate student clients. These numbers are encouraging since we strive to make our services useful for writers at all skill levels and across all disciplines.

Most Writing Studio consultations (39%) are about papers/projects out of the English, Writing, and Modern Languages Department, followed by the Departments of Business (18%) and History and Political Thought (18%).

Total Writing Studio consultations: 1,409 (- 129 fewer consultations than 2018-2019)

Online Writing Lab

As in previous years, the majority of OWL submissions (73%) came from graduate students; however, a large portion of undergraduate freshmen (mostly enrolled in online sections of WRT 102) and upperclassmen (mostly enrolled in online classes) also submitted papers to the OWL. The percentage of faculty/staff and dual credit submissions this year is about the same as last year.

Most OWL consultations are about papers/projects out of the Townsend Institute (29%) and the MCAA/MSCE program (29%).

Total OWL consultations: 1,924 (+ 365 more submissions than 2018-2019)

Total Consultations: 3,333

For a more detailed report, download the 2019-2020 Annual Report.

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