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Rights and Responsibilities

Wellness Center

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

All of our patients and clients have the right to privacy and confidentiality. As a consumer, you have the responsibility to be honest and direct in a courteous fashion about everything that relates to your needs for health services. Exceptions are determined by California and Federal law, which directs us to report if you or someone else is in imminent danger or if a minor or impaired person is being abused.

Patient Rights


You have a right to have your dignity as an individual recognized and respected, regardless of your race, age, sex or lifestyle. You should expect that all clinicians will introduce themselves and will address you according to your preference.


You have a right to privacy. You should expect that your discussion, examination, and treatment will be conducted in privacy. You should expect that the presence of any individual will be explained to you and that they will be introduced by name.


You have a right to confidentiality of all communications and records relating to you. Your permission must be obtained before we may give information to anyone not directly connected with your care. This applies to your parents and University officials. Exceptions required by law include reporting certain communicable diseases, threats of suicide or homicide, or suspected child abuse.


The medical record is the property of the Health Center. As outlined by the laws of California, you have the right to review your medical record and to have a copy if you so desire.


You will be expected to be an active participant in decisions regarding your health. You have a right to know and understand:

  • Our assessment of your problem
  • What tests are being done and why
  • The risks of any tests or treatment
  • Alternatives, if any, and their risks
  • The prospects for resolution of your problem
  • The charges, if any, for your care


You have a right to expect pleasant and courteous service.

Patient Responsibilities

As a consumer of Student Health Services you have responsibilities as well as rights. They include the following:

  • Your health is a shared responsibility.
  • Prescriptive medications, injections and laboratory tests will have a financial charge. These charges must be paid at time of service. The cost is kept as low as possible. It is your responsibility to discuss any financial burden that this might affect.
  • Be honest and direct in a courteous fashion about everything that relates to your needs for health services.
  • Being a good health consumer does not mean being a silent partner. If you feel that your rights have not been respected ask to see the Director of the Wellness Center.
  • Be sure you understand your health situation. If you do not understand the treatment plan or the test, ask the nurse practitioner or counselor about it.
  • Follow the prescribed plan. It is your responsibility to advise us if you cannot follow the plan.

The Staff of the Wellness Center is pleased to work with you to keep you in good health!

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