In an Emergency

Wellness Center

What To Do in an Emergency:

The following procedure should be followed in an emergency situation:

  1. In any case of bodily harm, or immediate threat of bodily harm, call 9-1-1. Identify the:
    • SPECIFIC LOCATION, i.e. "Administration Building, Room 120, at Concordia University, 1530 Concordia West."
    • SPECIFIC NATURE OF THE EMERGENCY, i.e. "young female with seizure" or young male with bleeding injury." You will be asked to stay on the line until help arrives. If possible, have someone else contact University Security at ext. 3000.
  2.  If the situation is serious, but does not warrant a 9-1-1 call, call University Security at ext. 3000. Security will contact the appropriate personnel.

    WHEN IN DOUBT, DIAL 9-1-1!

    Note: University faculty and staff, including members of the residence life staff, are instructed NOT to provide transportation for students with medical emergencies. In non-emergency situations, students without other means of transportation should contact Irvine Yellow Cab at (949) 222-0111 or (800) 535-2211 White and Yellow Cab at (800) 200-0000 for 24-hour assistance. Referral lists are available in the Wellness Center for information on local hospitals and walk-in clinics.

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