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Pre-Deaconess Studies Minor

Christ College

The Pre-Deaconess Studies minor equips women for seminary-level diaconal training through instruction in at least one biblical language and courses that will prepare them for graduate theological education. Undergraduates who wish to become a deaconess should be members of an LCMS congregation and must apply to the Christ College Church Work program prior to declaring the Pre-Deaconess Studies minor. Christian women serving as deaconesses reach out to individuals in spiritual and physical need through acts of service and ministry.

Depending on their gifts and calling, they may provide spiritual care, teach God’s Word, administer programs, work in social service, or assist in a variety of other ministry tasks. Deaconesses frequently serve in: 

  • Parishes
  • Hospitals
  • Welfare institutions
  • College campuses
  • Inner cities
  • Foreign missions
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