Specialization-related Assignments

Embedded within each core course and research course is an assignment that involves student reading, evaluation and annotation of scholarly articles that relate to the student’s area of Specialization, which each student shares with other students and their instructor during group sessions to enrich and expand the knowledge and learning—while stimulating critical and creative thinking—of all involved. Focus on an in-depth, researchable topic within the Specialization is also explored and examined as the student progresses through our Integrated Dissertation Track, from program beginning to completion of degree.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are self-paced, learning plans that help doctoral students master progressively more advanced research concepts, methods and skills, as they move through the series of dissertation seminars. The ILP oral report provides each student the opportunity to share information with the instructor on what the student has learned and what next steps to take in the integrated dissertation track process.

These reports allow students to interact with their instructors as they progress through the series of dissertation seminars and advisement. The idea is that once students have achieved success, they exhibit increased confidence to tackle increasingly difficult research-related concepts, methods and skills. With mastery of each successive step, it will become much easier for students to undertake the challenges of conducting and completing dissertation research, which requires mastery of research methods and skills.

Research Benchmarks

Research benchmarks—which are integrated across the curriculum—ensure that students have an appropriate foundation to build upon concepts, theories, and research in preparation for dissertation research and for use in learning organizations.

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