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Calendar & Course Sequence

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership


The typical length of a term for each course is seven (7) weeks with exceptions for the EDD 700 Doctoral Studies Orientation and Summer courses. The Ed.D. requires 46 units to complete. It is possible to graduate in as few as 33 to 36 months.

Start Term Start Date
Fall I 2024 August 26, 2024
Spring II 2025 March 3, 2025
Fall I 2025 August 18, 2025

Sample Course Sequence

Seminars Units (3) Title
EDD 770 0.5 Doctoral Studies Orientation
EDD 771 0.5 Dissertation Seminar I
EDD 772 0.5 Dissertation Seminar II
EDD 773 0.5 Dissertation Seminar III
EDD 774 0.5 Dissertation Seminar IV
EDD 775 0.5 Dissertation Seminar V
Advisements Units (1) Title
EDD 776 0.25 Dissertation Advisement I
EDD 777 0.25 Dissertation Advisement II
EDD 778 0.25 Dissertation Advisement III
EDD 779 0.25 Dissertation Advisement IV
Dissertation Proposal Units (4) Title
EDD 780 2 Dissertation Proposal I
EDD 781 2 Dissertation Proposal II
Dissertation Units (8) Title
EDD 782
*Prereq. 781
2 Dissertation I
EDD 783 2 Dissertation II
EDD 784 2 Dissertation III
EDD 785 2 Dissertation IV
Editing Extensions Units (2) Title
EDD 785E 1 Dissertation IV Extension (repeatable)

Total Units: 46

Travel Schedule

The program embeds educational trips within the curriculum to enhance student understanding of how policy, law, and culture affect learning organizations. These trips offer students and faculty the opportunity to build a sense of community and camaraderie within the cohort.

The required Washington, D.C., trip is taken during the Summer semester of your first year enrolled in the program.

The optional trip to the People’s Republic of China is offered your second year during Summer semester.

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