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Curriculum & Dissertation

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership

Doctor of Education in Leadership

The Doctor of Education in Leadership Program is designed to equip transformative leaders with innovative strategies and practices to maximize leadership and organizational effectiveness from a Christian perspective. The Program accomplishes this purpose through a rigorous and integrated curriculum focusing on theory and applied research in leadership with the development of analytical skills applicable to dynamic and diverse organizations.

Three areas of specialization are offered within the Doctor of Education in Leadership degree:

  • Educational Administration — For school-level and district-level administrators, and leaders in faith-based institutions and other educational settings.
  • Organizational Change — For leaders in higher education, non-profit organizations, private firms, government, business and corporate sectors, faith-based institutions, and athletics administration.
  • Special Education — For school office personnel, principals, directors of special education, and leaders in higher education and faith-based institutions.
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