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Football player being tackled

Keep Your Head In The Game … Or, Not

9/28/2016 - 2 minute read

According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year U.S. emergency rooms treat more than 170,000 sports- and recreation-related traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including concussions, which have been on the rise in recent years, particularly among young people.

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Inside a team huddle

Meeting of the Minds

9/23/2016 - 2 minute read

“According to a concept developed by two professors from Stanford University, there are two types of mindsets: the growth mindset, the understanding that the hand you are dealt is just the starting point for development, believing basic qualities are things one can cultivate through effort, and the fixed mindset, believing one’s qualities are fixed in stone, which creates an urgency to prove oneself over and over again”

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