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Masters In Coaching Episode XXXIII: Athletic Director & Football Coach Peter Abe

Posted on 2/18/2022 by Tim Cates

From assistant coach to head coach and a brand new high school, and now he's got that program going in the right direction; he is Peter Abe, head football coach and athletic director at Portola High School in Irvine.

Show Highlights

  • He grew up in Irvine, attended Irvine High School, attained his undergraduate degree at California State University Fullerton, and completed his Master’s in Coaching and Athletic Administration at Concordia University Irvine
  • How he entered university with a plan to become an athletic trainer after being inspired by his high school mentor, Brooke, but discovered that coaching was his passion with the help of former head coach Terry Henigan at Irvine High School
  • How he started from scratch when developing an athletics program at Portola High School, founded in 2016
  • His journey from a Freshman Head Coach, to the Junior Varsity Head Coach, to Special Teams Coordinator, to Head Track Coach, to Assistant Athletic Director at Irvine High School, to Physical Education Teacher at Villa Park High School, until he became the Head Football Coach and Athletic Director at Portola High School he is today
  • What he gained from his experiences applying to be an Athletic Director at Beckman High School and then at Northwood High School before finding his place at Portola High School
  • How Tom White’s program for coaches who want to become head coaches and/or athletic directors, now known as the MCAA program, altered his career path and allowed him to have a greater impact on his community
  • What he expects from the 2022 fall season after finishing up the sixth year of the program with a seven-and-four season
  • How being thankful for health, happiness, and being solution-oriented helped his program through the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Why he developed the Bulldog Pedigree and how the values of perseverance, respect, integrity, drive, and empathy helped shape it
  • How he applied the techniques he learned from the MCAA program when determining goals for the Bulldog Pedigree
  • How the MCAA program revamped his coaching process and transformed his career path

Tags: Masters in Coaching, Coaching, MCAA Podcast, Football, Track & Field, Athletic Director

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