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Educational Model

This diagram shows the educational approach of the Pastoral Certification program of the Cross-cultural Ministry Center. The outer frame represents the Christ-centered Missio-Dei (i.e., God’s work to save all people centered in the person and work of Christ Jesus). This integrative missiological orientation shapes and permeates the entire curriculum.

Educational model of the CMC

That curriculum is made up of four major dimensions or components that contribute to the formation of the Faithful & Effective Culture-crossing Missionary Pastor:

  • Theological Understanding
  • Professional Development
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Personal Growth

Although these four components are separated in the diagram, in reality, they are closely interrelated and interdependent (hence the connecting arrows). Note also that the diagram does not attempt to reflect the relative importance of each learning area. Whereas much of the Theological Understanding takes place through academic courses, much of the Professional Development, Spiritual Formation, and Personal Growth happens through the concurrent Missional Vicarage Program.

Educational model of the CMC
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