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Curriculum Summary

Meeting the multi-cultural contextual needs of 21st Century America and the needs of the LCMS, the Cross-cultural Ministry Center provides academic and practical training, forming missionary pastors and church leaders for culture-crossing ministries.


  1. Full certification for ordination into the pastoral ministry of the LCMS
  2. An M.A. Theology degree with an emphasis in Theology and Culture

The certification portion of the curriculum includes 6 semester hours of Greek, 45 semester hours of theology coursework, and 4+ years of concurrent vicarage experience.

The M.A. Theology portion of the curriculum includes 32 semester hours of coursework.

The entire program is typically completed in four years.


All course work in the CMC is embedded in real-life ministry and mission experience. We call this embedded learning experience the “CMC Missional Vicarage.” It is four years of in-field mission and ministry experience, is a part of the certification requirement, and runs concurrently with your coursework. It consists of planning activities, carrying out those activities, and then journaling your progress. In the first half of the Missional Vicarage, vicars carry out basic mission and ministry activities at a Lutheran church. In the second half, vicars plan and finally launch a new culture-crossing ministry in the community. All of this is closely coordinated with district facilitators and carried out under the guidance of a local congregation, a Mentor Pastor, and a CUI Faculty Supervisor.

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