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The Cross-cultural Ministry Center (CMC) is an MDiv equivalent program offered online.

The following table provides a comparison of the CMC at Concordia University, Irvine and the Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) Program at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Concordia Seminary offers a number of other programs, some of which complement the SMP program. For more information, please visit their website.

  Cross-cultural Ministry Center (CMC) Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) Program
History Established 1995 Established 2007
End Goal (Telos) Missionary pastor facilitating and/or planting a new sustainable ministry Specific ministry within existing congregation
Curriculum Focus Intentional missional focus (in courses & vicarage) General ministerial formation
Roster Status General Pastor Specific Ministry Pastor
Degree Conferred MA in Theology (Theology & Culture) No degree
Admission Process CMC and CSL joint admission Recommendation of district president
Educational Prerequisites Bachelor’s degree (liberal arts preferred) No degree required (ability to work at Master’s level)
Biblical Language Prerequisite Greek (6 semester credit hours required = 9 quarter hours) No biblical languages required
Foreign Language Prerequisite 6 semester credits or equivalent of modern foreign language (based on missional context/need) No modern language required
Quarter Credit Hours 116 credit hours 48 credit hours
Call and Ordination At conclusion of program After two years

We are here to help. Please contact us to discuss whether the CMC is right for you.

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