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Introducing the LCMC TRACK

Working in collaboration with the Ministry Board of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC), the Cross-cultural Ministry Center (CMC) at Concordia University Irvine (CUI) is pleased to offer an M.A. Track, recognized by LCMC as a seminary pathway for pastoral formation leading to certification and ordination by LCMC.

Student preaching to CUI congregation


The Cross-cultural Ministry Center offers LCMC students a four-year, 106-semester credit, online, affordable program leading to a fully accredited enhanced M.A. in Theology (with an emphasis in Theology and Culture).

The CMC approaches theological and pastoral education in a rather unique way. We specialize in forming missionary pastors and leaders who are equipped to faithfully bring God’s Word to the increasingly multi-cultural contexts of 21st century America. In other words, we do everything from a missionary perspective.

Our program attempts to integrate and emphasize two things:

  • Intentionally shaping one's theological thinking by delving deeply and seriously into confessional Lutheran theology at a Master's level; and
  • Intentionally shaping missionary habits in the church leader by a program-wide missiological emphasis, specific mission-oriented courses, and an internship (arranged by the student and supervised by an LCMC mentor pastor) that involves the planning and actual launching of a new "culture-crossing" ministry to the unchurched.

Both of these elements work together to satisfy LCMC certification requirements for ordained ministry.

Ten advantages of the LCMC TRACK

  1. Lutheran. Embedded in a conservative Lutheran university, the CMC builds on its Lutheran heritage to offer theological education steeped in Reformation theology and anchored in justification by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ.
  2. Master’s Degree. Students receive an M.A. in Theology (Theology & Culture emphasis) enabling our graduates to pursue doctoral studies if so desired. The program is equivalent to the M.Div. in breadth and depth. See our curriculum.
  3. Accredited. The CMC is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  4. Online. CMC classes are mostly online to accommodate students engaged in bi-vocational ministries with families and day jobs. To foster CMC community-building, students come together at CUI every summer for three weeks to get to know their fellow classmates through intensive courses and other community-building activities.
  5. Affordable. The CMC is very affordable for a high-quality program. Tuition is approximately $11,000 per year with the candidate’s approval for the CUI Church Career Grant.
  6. Missional. The CMC has a strong and unique missional emphasis in pastoral formation and identity, equipping pastors and leaders who are skilled in evangelism and outreach.
  7. Cross-cultural. The CMC’s multicultural and ethnically diverse emphasis equips pastors and leaders to build bridges into our increasingly multicultural communities.
  8. New Ministry Start. About halfway through the program, students take a series of courses leading them to plan and actually launch a new culture-crossing ministry to the unchurched in their surrounding community.
  9. Logos. Each CMC student is provided with a personal licensed copy of Logos Bible Software (valued at over $700).
  10. LCMC Community Building. An online cohort, organized and led by an LCMC pastor, allows LCMC students to become familiar with their church body (e.g., history, structure, certification, medical-health-retirement plans).

CMC - LCMC Relations

Concordia University Irvine believes that a student body made up of students who represent a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives provides a rich environment for dialogue, debate, and learning in the context of mutual respect. Accordingly, the Cross-cultural Ministry Center and the Ministry Board of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ have developed a working relationship while also mutually recognizing certain theological differences. Both have agreed that for certain courses special arrangements may be made specifically for LCMC students.

Apply Now

There are three “start” times in the CMC program:

  • June (application deadline: March 15) – preferred (allows students to become immersed in the program through an initial 3-week on-campus summer session)
  • Late August (application deadline: June 15)
  • Early January (application deadline: October 15)

For more information and/or to enroll, please contact:

Dr. Glenn Fluegge, Director
[email protected]

Carrie Donohoe, Christ College Program Coordinator
[email protected]

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