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Faithful to the Lutheran Tradition

You cannot prepare a more dependable treasure for your children than an education in the liberal arts.

These were the words of Martin Luther, spoken 500 years ago. Concordia University is committed to delivering a liberal arts education in the Lutheran tradition. We hope to prepare students to live as men and women whose Christian freedom inspires and enables service to others. We foster an intellectual pursuit of that which is true, a moral commitment to that which is good, and an aesthetic appreciation of that which is beautiful.

At Concordia Irvine, we are dedicated not only to teaching certain subjects, but to shaping a coherent and comprehensive view of the world, of humanity, and of the God who created and redeemed both. It is this faithfulness to this mission and this heritage that makes Concordia graduates wise, honorable and cultivated citizens. They become citizens prepared to serve God’s world and proclaim God’s word.

Our Lutheran tradition fosters an environment of inclusiveness for all. Concordia is for anyone who believes they have been called by Christ, as well as those who may be curious about our view of God. We honor others by including them, allowing them the freedom to interpret and come to their own conclusions.

About Martin Luther

Martin Luther was a man who changed the course of Western civilization with his ideas. He lived 500 years ago in Germany, and as a professor at Wittenberg University, he discovered the gospel of salvation as a free gift of God. Luther also understood that free people stand not only in relation to God but also in relation to the world and each other. Luther’s ideas influenced fellow Wittenberg faculty and graduates, and the obscure university went on to shape our view of the modern world far beyond the realm of religion. In the field of science, for example, it was a Wittenberg professor who first assisted in printing the work of Copernicus, which would forever change our understanding of the universe.

The Lutheran heritage of higher education became defined by a rigorous study of the Bible as well as the world. Five hundred years later, Concordia University proudly preserves, defends, and promotes that heritage.

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