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Department Directory

Department Name Contact Name Bldg / Room Phone Ext Email
Academic Advising Undergraduate Laura Courvoisier Student Success Center 949-214-3061 [email protected]
Academic Advising - MCAA Program Chelsea Mailhiot
Lupe Valdivia
[email protected]
[email protected]
Academic Advising - Townsend Aubrey Redinger Beta 103 D 949-214-3925 [email protected]
Accounts Payable Ghazal Pakbaten Admin 212B 949-214-3119 [email protected]
Admissions   Grimm Hall - Admissions 949-214-3010 [email protected]
Admission Counselor - Townsend Patricia Hunt
Taylor Sirna
Admin 313 A
Adm 101 C
[email protected] [email protected]
Admissions - MA Education Kayla Cook   714-984-0146 [email protected]
Admissions - MCAA Program Spencer Stueve   949-214-3574 [email protected]
Assistant Professor, School of Business & Economics Toni Lerner Grimm Hall 206 D 949-214-3372 [email protected]
Assistant Professor & Internship Director, School of Business & Economics Kellie Playter Grim Hall 225 949-214-3603 [email protected]
Online Bachelor's Degree: HCM, HLMG, MHA Catherine Sinardi   949-214-3602 [email protected]
Online Bachelor's Degree: ALA Margaret Christmas Thomas   949-214-3361 [email protected]
Advancement Services   Alpha 209 B    
Advising - Graduate/ MA Education Jill Swisher Beta 105 A 949-214-3347 [email protected]
Alumni Relations Tamara Sauer Alpha 203 E 949-214-3178 [email protected]
Art Department Rachel Soo Library/Arts - 023 949-214-3289 [email protected]
Art Gallery Rachel Soo Library/Arts - 023 949-214-3289 [email protected]
Arts & Sciences (School of) Susan Fluegge Alpha 107 714-214-3544 [email protected]
Athletic Trainer Glory Fung Gym 107 949-214-3245 [email protected]
Athletics Crystal Rosenthal Gym 108 949-214-3223 [email protected]
Audio-Visual Equipment Request ITS Staff Admin 220 949-214-3175 [email protected]
Audio-Visual Repair/Questions ITS Staff Admin 220 949-214-3175 [email protected]
Bon Appetit - Cafe Craig Irby Grimm Student Union 949-214-3449 [email protected]
Concordia Bookstore Andrew Diaz Founders Bookstore 949-214-3455 [email protected]
Box Office/Theater Tickets Voicemail Music 109 949-214-3418 [email protected]
Bursar Edgar Lόpez Grimm 103 949-214-3073 [email protected]
School of Business & Economics Avery Casteel Grimm 206 J 949-214-3488 [email protected]
Campus Pastor's Office Quinton Anderson Christ College (BMC) 102 949-214-3111 [email protected]
Campus Safety & Security Security Officers Admin 103 949-214-3000 [email protected]
Career Services - Jobs Mariah Lucus Student Success Ctr 101 949-214-3061 [email protected]
Center for the Study of Public Policy Jo Ellen Chatham   949-214-3200 [email protected]
Center for U.S. Missions Mil Behnken Admin 207 D 949-214-3467 [email protected]
Christ College Amy Lucker Christ College 207 949-214-3390 [email protected]
Church & Community Relations Bil Hood Alpha 203 D 949 214-3189 [email protected]
Colloquy Cari Chittick Beta 206 B 949-214-3355 [email protected]
Copier Repair Kaumara Taylor Grimm Student Union Lower Level 949-214-3158 [email protected]
Copy Center/Mail Services Kaumara Taylor Grimm Student Union Lower Level 949-214-3158 [email protected]
Cross-cultural Ministry Center Glenn Fluegge
Carrie Donohoe
BMC 111
BMC 202
[email protected]
[email protected]
DCE Program Carrie Donohoe Christ College 202 949-214-3389 [email protected]
Dean of Student Affairs Megan Bouslaugh Admin 300 B 949-214-3057 [email protected]
Disability Access Services Stephanie Staley Student Success Center 949-214-3039 [email protected]
Education (School of)  Alyssa Flores Beta 205 C 949-214-3343 [email protected]
Engineering Gabriela Espinosa Alpha 205E 949-214-3310 [email protected]
Events - University Advancement  Bil Hood Alpha 208 B 949-214-3189 [email protected]
Financial Aid   Grimm Hall - Fin. Aid 949-214-3066 [email protected]
First Year Experience   CSLD 104   [email protected]
General Counsel's office Karen Sharif Admin 300 D 949-214-3138 [email protected]
Graduate - Theology Joel Oesch
Carrie Donohoe
BMC 202 949-214-3394
[email protected]
[email protected]
Graduation - Information Registrar's Office Staff Grimm Hall 949-214-3079 [email protected]
Honors Program Clinton J. Armstrong   949-214-3407 [email protected]
Human Resources   Admin 200 C 949-214-3130 [email protected]
Information Technology ITS Staff Admin 220 949-214-3175 [email protected]
Institutional Research Deborah Lee Grimm Hall 117 949-214-3433 [email protected]
Instructional Technology John Randall Admin 220 F 949-214-3358 [email protected]
International Visa Haeri Chee Administration 120 F 949-214-3473 [email protected]
LCMS Church Vocations Carrie Donohoe BMC 202 949-214-3389 [email protected]
Library Information   Library/Arts 949-214-3090 [email protected]
Lost & Found Security Office Admin 103 949-214-3000 [email protected]
Maintenance Department Jane Doherty Facility Services 949-214-3383 [email protected]
Master Calendar Davis Garton   949-214-3143 [email protected]
MBA Program Yi Schuler Grimm Hall 202 E 949-214-3477 [email protected]
Music: Auditions   Grimm Hall, Dept. of Admissions 949-214-3613  
Music: Church Music Jon Jordening BMC 10 949-214-3112 [email protected]
Music: Event Tickets Voicemail CU Center 109 949-214-3418 [email protected]
Office of Residence Life Erin Komin Rho 100   [email protected]
Parent & Family Relations Tamara Sauer Alpha 203 E 949-214-3178 [email protected]
Payroll Ranella Faraj Admin 212 A 949-214-3120 [email protected]
Placement - LCMS Church Vocations Carrie Donohoe BMC 202 949-214-3389 [email protected]
President's Office Nicole Michaelis Grimm Hall - 3rd floor 949-214-3194 [email protected]
Provost's Office Nicole Michaelis Grimm Hall - 3rd floor 949-214-3201 [email protected]
Professional Studies (School of) Debbie Harrison Beta 103 C 949-214-3365 [email protected]
Sports Business Program Director Mark Francis Grim Hall 224 949-214-3269 [email protected]
Student Services   Admin 300 949-214-3056  
Telecommunications Aaron Moreno Admin 220 F 949-214-3166 [email protected]
Theater Department Lori Siekmann Library Arts 121 949-214-3426 [email protected]
Theatre: Auditions   Grimm Hall Dept. of Admissions 949-214-3613  
Theatre: Event Tickets Voicemail CU Center 109 949-214-3418 [email protected]
Theology Amy Lucker BMC 207 949-214-3390 [email protected]
University Advancement - Foundation Amy Bramson Alpha 207 C 949-214-3180 [email protected]
University Services Tim Odle   949-214-3139 [email protected]
Wellness Center   Grimm Student Union Lower Level 949-214-3102 [email protected]
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