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Concordia's Mission, Vision, and Values

Concordia University Irvine, guided by the Great Commission of Christ Jesus and the Lutheran Confessions, empowers students through the liberal arts and professional studies for lives of learning, service, and leadership.


Concordia University Irvine will be among the finest, distinctively Lutheran liberal arts universities in America, preparing wise, honorable, cultivated citizens, informed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the Church and world.


Our Theology

  • We believe, teach and confess that…
  • Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord, and that through faith in Him we receive forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and salvation.
  • the primary mission of the church is to make disciples of every nation by bearing witness to Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Gospel and the administration of the Sacraments.
  • all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit and that God is, therefore, the true Author of every word of Scripture.
  • all Scripture bears witness to Jesus Christ and that its primary purpose is to make all people wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • the confession of faith expressed in The Book of Concord, including the Ecumenical Creeds, confessed by most Christians, accurately summarizes Scripture.


Our primary purpose is to serve and teach students, to help them grow academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.

Relationship to the LCMS

We are a church-related university affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and aligned with its doctrine, mission, and purposes. Faculty members teach and promote positions that are in harmony with the doctrinal positions of the LCMS.

Academic Quality

We are dedicated to excellent teaching, scholarship, and the promotion of demonstrable learning.

Academic Freedom

We value the freedom of expression of students and faculty and the pursuit of knowledge through intellectual inquiry and research as a mark of institutional excellence.

Interaction of Faith and Learning

We strive to bring a Christian worldview into interaction with our academic disciplines while valuing each academic discipline in its own right.


We make no value distinctions between sacred and secular vocations since a Christian is called to serve God in any legitimate profession.

Servant Leadership

We practice humility in all we do and are concerned about the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of our constituents.

Mutual Respect

We respect the rights, dignity, and worth of all people, acknowledging that people of every race, tribe, and nation have been created by God and redeemed by Jesus Christ to live in harmony with one another.


We practice honesty and integrity in our dealings with others.


The Lutheran understanding of Law, Gospel, and the forgiveness of Christ for all permeates classrooms, administrative work, and human relations among all campus constituencies.

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