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Administrative Directory

Name / Title Office Phone Email
Dr. Michael A. Thomas
GH 314 (949) 214-3195 [email protected]
Mr. George Allen
Associate Vice President of Marketing
ADMIN 320G (949) 214-3149 [email protected]
Mrs. Ann Ashmon
Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications
ADMIN 320F (949) 214-3152 [email protected]
Rev. Dr. Scott Ashmon
Senior Vice President, Provost
GH 316 (949) 214-3735 [email protected]
Mrs. Megan Bouslaugh
Vice President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students
Chief Title IX Coordinator
CSLD 101 (949) 214-3057 [email protected]
Mr. Timothy P. Jaeger
Vice President for University Advancement, Marketing, and Communications
ALPHA 207A (949) 214-3179 [email protected]
Rev. Dr. David Loy
Dean, Christ College
BMC 206 (949) 214-3396 [email protected]
Mrs. Melinda Martinez
Associate Vice President of Legal Affairs
ADMIN 200D (949) 214-3134 [email protected]
Rev. Dr. Steven Mueller
Vice President, Chief Mission Officer
(949) 214-3386 [email protected]
Dr. Jason Neben
Associate Vice President, Data and Technology
ADMIN 220 (949) 214-3349 [email protected]
Mr. Tim Odle
Vice President for University Operations and Athletics
ADMIN 300 B (949) 214-3142 [email protected]
Dr. Terry Olson
Dean, School of Health and Human Sciences
BETA 103A (949) 214-3270 [email protected]
Ms. Crystal Rosenthal
Athletic Director
GYM 108 (949) 214-3223 [email protected]
Dr. Peter Senkbeil
Vice President, Special Assistant to the President
GH 315 (949) 214-3202 [email protected]
Dr. Bret Taylor
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
ALPHA 107A (949) 214-3294 [email protected]
Mr. Steven Strauch
Vice President of Finance and Business Operations
ADMIN 207A (949) 214-3127 [email protected]
Mr. Ronald Van Blarcom
Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel
ADMIN 300E (949) 214-3135 [email protected]
Dr. Heather Vezner
Dean, School of Education
BETA 107D (949) 214-3352 [email protected]
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