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Resources for Parents

First-Generation Students

For parents of first-generation college students, it’s also the parents’ first time to “go” to college. For both the student and the parent, it’s a first, with many unknowns. Concordia University Irvine’s Parent & Family Resources keep you connected with your student and all that is happening at Concordia.

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Tips for Parents

For a complete list, read the Parent & Family Guide (available in English and Spanish)

We’re in this together.

Whether your student is an entering freshman or a transfer student, the first year at Concordia will be an exciting, challenging, and transforming experience for both you and your student. Adjustment to Concordia is an ongoing process and each academic semester poses new situations, both positive and negative. As parents, you will need to provide support and encouragement to your students and assist in their development as adults by giving them more decision-making responsibilities. Concordia University Irvine values its partnerships with parents as we strive to work together to ensure our students develop into wise, honorable, and cultivated students. To develop this partnership, we want to equip you with helpful advice and strategies you can use when fostering your student’s growth.

Ask general questions.

Ask your child general questions such as, “How are your classes?” “Are you having a good time?” “How is the dining hall food?” These are great questions that will likely be answered more in depth rather than, “What is your roommate like?” (He or she might be listening close by), “Are you staying out of trouble?” “Did you go to class today?” The less you ask your child, the more they will tell.

Listen with an open mind.

Sometimes college life can be stressful and frustrating, even for the most studious and sociable students. Remember, college is a time for students to grow and learn from their experiences. Listen with an open mind. Some weekends, students may not be able to take part in family get-togethers, especially during finals due to studying or writing papers. Give your student the freedom to make his/her own choices and hold them accountable.

Encourage involvement.

College should be more than just going to classes and doing homework. Involvement in extracurricular activities will be valued by future employers. Encourage your student to get involved by joining different clubs and programs. Your student will meet new people, develop leadership and social skills, and enhance their college experience.

Your student’s grades are no longer mailed home.

Knowing your son or daughter’s grades and GPA will have to come from your student now. They’ll receive their grades electronically after the close of each semester. Keep in mind, that in order to be compliant with federal laws that protect your student’s privacy, Concordia is not able to reveal your student’s grades to you. Good communication is important; or you could get access to your student’s grades by filling out a form in the Registrar’s Office.

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