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CUI Parent Connection Association (CUIPCA)

Parents & Families

The CUI Parent Connection Association (CUI PCA) is a free organization that encourages parents and family members of current CUI students to share their talents, experiences, and resources to stay connected throughout their students' journey.

Led by the Office of Family Relations and parent volunteers, the CUI PCA:

  • Organizes parent volunteer opportunities at various events and activities
  • Supports the connection of parents to other parents, students, and alumni via CUI Connect, our gateway to the Eagle Network for job opportunities, mentoring, internships, and more
  • Promotes involvement through parent panels, current parent to new parent engagement, and parent to student advice
  • Encourages philanthropy for the benefit of student scholarships and grants for on-campus clubs and organizations

Whether you live near or far, each parent can be an integral part of the CUI PCA. There are numerous opportunities to get involved at any level throughout your student's time at CUI, and beyond!

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Are you interested in making an impact? Consider serving on the CUI Parent Connection Association Council »

Tamara Sauer

Tamara Sauer '02

Director of Alumni & Family Relations

(949) 214-3178
[email protected]

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