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Music Major

Vocal Performance Concentration

School of Arts and Sciences



Concordia is, without a doubt, a rich atmosphere in which to ascend as a performing musician. A dedication to the Performance concentration will place the most challenging repertoire in front of students through rigorous one-on-one training with a highly accomplished professional performer as well as numerous ensemble performances that include expectations of musical leadership. Concordia graduates who have moved on to graduate school regularly comment that Concordia's performance atmosphere is richer than large schools for musician development because the strongest young undergraduates have opportunities to rise to principal chairs sooner while being challenged with a heavy, diverse performing schedule that is rare for undergraduates at many of the large music schools with many graduate students. When entering graduate school, they feel like more seasoned performers than their peers who attended brand name music schools.

For those with a heightened degree of dedication and concentration, Concordia can be an ideal training ground for a musical performer. However, it is rare for musicians to make the majority of their income as performers. Concordia will prepare students to perform with professional-level standards in an exceptional academic environment, which could propel students to graduate study, and which likely will propel them to become professors, teachers, and music directors who are best attuned to the highest standards in music.  Their achievements in collegiate music performance will provide a level of self-discipline, work ethic, and ability to complete difficult problem-solving tasks that is desperately sought after in any professional environment.

f you would like to have a conversation with a professor about the Vocal Performance Concentration, please contact: 

Dr. Michael Busch
[email protected]
(949) 214-3414  

  • Vocal Performance Concentration
  • 18 Units
  • Vocal Performance Concentration students must select MUS 303 and MUVO 498 in the music major. Applied units in this concentration are in addition to the Musical Collaboration and Applications core of the music major.
  • MUVO 301-401: Private Lessons: Voice
  • 5

These units are in addition to the Musicianship core of the Music Major.

  • MUS 222: Intermediate Conducting
  • 2

As a continuation of MUS 221, students will build upon their conducting skills with more advanced study in expressive gestures, left-hand independence, cueing, psychological conducting, and score preparation. Prerequisite: MUS 221.

  • MUS 271: Contemporary Music Styles
  • 2

An examination of the history of popular music styles, from the late 1950’s to present day from a musical, technological and cultural perspective. Students study the structure and function of modern ensembles through listening and analysis and apply their knowledge through arranging, composition and performance.

  • MUS 272: Diction for Singers II: German/French
  • 2

Study of basic phonetics in German and French as applied to singer's diction. Continued study of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Prerequisite: MUS 271.

  • MUS 472: Vocal Pedagogy and Literature
  • 3

A survey of voice anatomy, acoustics, physiology, hygiene and vocal development. The course will explore teaching singers of various ages and selection of age-appropriate repertoire. Prerequisite: MUVO 201 or MUVO 301 or MUVO 401.

  • MUVO 398: Junior Recital
  • 1

MUVO 398: Junior Recital

  • Choose 3 units from the following:
  • MUS 176: Opera Workshop I
  • 2

In this course students will learn basic concepts of communication and character development through reading, research, writing, and develop performance skills by singing in the opera chorus.

  • MUS 471: Choral Methods and Repertoire
  • 3

This advanced choral music methods course will focus on repertoire, rehearsal management, advanced conducting techniques, vocal pedagogy, planning, and administration. Prerequisites: MUS 202 and MUS 222 or consent of instructor. Offered alternate years.

  • MUKP 101: Private Lessons: Piano I
  • 1



  • MUKP 201: Private Lessons: Piano II
  • 1

Private Lessons: Piano II   1,2 Unit


  • MUKP 301: Private Lessons: Piano III
  • 1



  • MUKP 401: Private Lessons: Piano IV
  • 1


  • Total Units
  • 18 Units

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this major and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your major. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.

Concordia Choir Performance

Concordia Choir - Cornerstone - music by Shawn Kirchner, featuring soloists Joshua Burns and Kaitlyn Bills


Concordia Choir - Goodnight Moon - based on the children's book by Margaret Wise Brown, music by Eric Whitacre

Goodnight Moon

Concordia Choir - Laudate Dominum - based on Psalm 148:1-3, music by Levente Gyöngyösi

Laudate Dominum

Concordia Choir - Evening Prayer - bmusic by Ola Gjeilo, featuring saxophonist Avery Smith

Evening Prayer

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