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Chemistry Major

Research Facilities

School of Arts and Sciences


Science Labs and Equipment

Students have the opportunity to assist with Faculty-led research projects, along with their own lab work in our on-campus facilities that support work in fields from biochemistry and molecular biology to inorganic and physical chemistry.

Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory

Agilent 1100 Series Liquid Chromatograph

Agilent 5890N Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer
A powerful analytic tool that separates mixtures of molecules based on specified characteristics. The separated fractions are then independently weighed by their atomic masses.

Agilent 1100 Series Liquid Chromatograph
A highly customizable system that allows molecules, particularly biological macromolecules, to be separated and quantified.

CombiFlash Rf Chromatograph
Separates large quantities of chemicals based on specified column characteristics.


Celestron 14” Schmidt-Cassegrain C14 Telescope

Shelyak eShel (Eshelle) Spectrometer
An astronomical spectrometer which allows for the separation of light emitted from stars and other stellar phenomena into their individual frequencies (colors) thus providing information regarding the chemical composition of the objects and details of movement.

48” Cassegrain Telescope (Manzanita Observatory)
A powerful deep-space telescope located in the mountains east of San Diego.

Planewave 17” Cassegrain Telescope (Keck Center for Astronomy at Concordia)
A high-power telescope that we’re working to bring online in the near future.

Celestron 14” Schmidt-Cassegrain C14 Telescope (Keck Center for Astronomy at Concordia)
A 14” diameter telescope housed in an observatory dome useful for studying brighter stars.

Celestron 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (Keck Center for Astronomy at Concordia)
A portable unit recently donated to the University and excellent for student hands-on learning.

Lunt 4” Solar Telescope (Keck Center for Astronomy at Concordia)
A specialized telescope used for studying the sun.

PlaneWave 28" robotic telescope (Great Basin Observatory, Great Basin National Park, Baker, NV)
An incredible observatory located in the Great Basin National Park, recognized as having one of the world’s darkest skies. It was constructed by four partnering universities together with Great Basin National Park, and the Great Basin National Park Foundation. It is capable of detailed deep-space observations and can be operated robotically.

Biology Laboratory

Shimadzu UV-2600 Spectrometer

Shimadzu UV-2600 Spectrometer
Discrete wavelengths of light are used to quantify the concentrations of molecules in solution. Shifts in the absorbances reveal details about electron distribution in the molecules.

SpectraMax Plus Plate Reader
A specialized spectrometer designed for reading 96 well plates.

Odyssey Fc Imaging System
Capable of taking images of fluorescently stained DNA and protein gels.

Bio-Rad C1000 Touch RT-PCR Thermal Cycler
An advanced tool that allows for the proper amplification of DNA sequences by a polymerase chain reaction.

Chemistry Laboratory

Schlenk Lines

NMReady 60MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
This device interrogates the molecular structure of molecules by taking advantage of the magnetic frequencies of the individual atoms comprising the molecule.

Schlenk and Vacuum Lines
Apparatus designed to allow the synthesis, purification, and manipulation of air-sensitive chemicals.

Machine Shop

Rockwell Lathe

Tree Mill Milling Machine
This vertical mill (knee-type) has the ability to cut planes, angles, and grooves in metal, wood, or plastic with high precision.

Rockwell Lathe
This machine tool excels at shaping wood, plastic and metal by working the material against changeable cutting tools. This machine is especially useful for making high precision cylindrical cuts, drilling holes, and threading.

Sears-Craftsman Table Saw
A standard bench saw for general purpose cuts.

Sears-Craftsman Scroll Saw
A specialized saw for making small, specific cuts of various designs.

ENCO Drill Presses
Standard vertical drill presses. Excellent for perfectly perpendicular drilling.

CNC Router
Used to rout (hollow out) material with high precision.

Chemical Physics Laboratory

Bruker Vertex 70 Fourier Transform (FTIR) Spectrometer

HP 8452A Diode Array Spectrometer
A fast array-type UV-visible-NIR spectrometer. – quickly takes a wide range spectra.

Spex Fluorolog Fluorometer Systems
Two customized fluorimeters designed to measure luminescence and luminescence excitation. These instruments feature upgraded light detection and wavelength selection systems.

OLIS Cary 14 UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer
A versatile, high quality scanning instrument with excellent optics modernized by a computer-controlled stepper motor wavelength drive and solid state electronics.

Bruker Vertex 70 Fourier Transform (FTIR) Spectrometer
High resolution research-level infrared spectrometer

Bruker Alpha Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer with diamond ATR accessory
Infrared spectrometer with advanced ATR sampling capability

Jobin YVON U1000 Scanning Raman Spectrometer
High resolution scanning spectrometer for Raman studies.

Instruments SA HR 640 Spectrometer
A highly customizable spectrometer set-up that can be utilized for a wide variety of experiments involving luminescence and luminescence detection at high resolution.

Spex 500M Spectrometer
A high resolution scanning spectrometer set-up that can be utilized for a wide variety of experiments involving luminescence and luminescence excitation.

Andor CCD DV 401 UV Spectrograph
High performance CCD spectrograph set-up with a Jarrell-Ash monochromator with rear slit removed and replaced by a CCD detector.

Laser Photonics UV 22 Pulsed Nitrogen Laser
A rugged nitrogen laser delivering ~10 ns pulses of 337 nm UV light for time-dependent spectroscopy.

Modu-Laser Argon Ion Laser
A continuous laser used as a multi-line monochromatic source for Raman experiments and luminescence excitation.

Perkin Elmer 98
Visible-near infrared scanning Littrow type prism luminescence spectrometer.

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