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ABSN Prerequisite Courses for Concordia

With the exception of NTHL 101 and NTHL 202, students may transfer all required pre-requisite units from any regionally accredited institution*. Online science classes that solely rely on virtual laboratories will not be accepted. However, online science classes that incorporate home-kit laboratories are acceptable.(Refer to the end of the page for current exceptions).

Applicants may choose to complete prerequisite classes at Concordia University Irvine as "non-degree seeking" students. These classes will be offered as undergraduate classes which will follow Concordia University Irvine's catalog requirement and undergraduate's schedules. Non-degree seeking students are limited to twelve (12) units per semester.

View courses APPROVED by the Department of Nursing to satisfy ABSN prerequisites from several area California Community Colleges»

View Advanced Placement (AP) scores APPROVED by the Department of Nursing to satisfy ABSN prerequisites.



  • Courses
  • 43 Units
  • Chemistry** (with lab)
  • 4

Chemistry course must be college-level coursework (i.e General Chemistry). Chemistry class that is specific for allied health majors (pre-nursing, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry) is preferred. Preparatory Chemistry, Introduction to General Chemistry or Chemistry for non-science major are not acceptable.

  • Human Anatomy** (with lab)
  • 4

The course must be an Anatomy course with an emphasis on overall human organ systems. Specific Anatomy classes will not be accepted (i.e. skeletal and/or muscular anatomy).

  • Human Physiology** (with lab)
  • 4

The course must be a Physiology course with an emphasis on overall human organ systems. Specific Physiology classes will not be accepted (i.e. systematic and/or skeletal physiology).

Human Anatomy and Human Physiology may be taken as combination courses that span over 2 semesters (i.e. A&P 1 and A&P 2). Total combination units for Anatomy and Physiology must be at least 8 units and completed at the same institution.

  • Microbiology** (with lab)
  • 4

The course must cover all of the different organisms (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc). Specific microbiology courses will not be accepted (i.e. Bacteriology, Virology, etc).

  • Human Nutrition#
  • 3

The course must cover nutrients, diseases, dietary intake and health process. Nutrition classes that fall under Physical Education, Kinesiology, and/or Personal Health may not be acceptable.

  • Statistics - Mathematics
  • 3

A basic statistic course applicable to education, business, and the hard sciences. Topics must include descriptive statistics, the normal, binomial, F-, and Chi-squared distributions and hypothesis testing.

  • General Psychology
  • 3

Must be an Introductory or general psychology course. No upper division and/or specific coursework will be accepted.

  • Lifespan Developmental Psychology (birth to death)
  • 3

This course must be a Psychology class that covers human development from Infancy through old age (death). Human development might be considered as a substitute if the course covered psychological development over the human lifespan. No other substitution is allowed.

  • Oral Communication++
  • 3

"Interpersonal Communication” class is preferred. Public speaking class is acceptable. Substitution and online classes are not accepted, i.e. life experience and/or courses in which speeches or presentations were given, etc. Small Group Communication is not an accepted course.

  • Written Communication
  • 3

College level writing composition or higher is acceptable. If the student took it as an AP Course, an official scores transcript from College Board must be submitted showing a score of 5 or higher.

  • Introduction to Sociology or Cultural Anthropology
  • 3

Must be a general or introductory course that covers the broad subject of sociology or anthropology. Upper division classes are not acceptable. Sociology and/or Anthropology course, which only cover specific cultures/topic are not acceptable.

  • NTHL 101: Foundations of Christian Theology+
  • 3

This course will study the source of Christian theology, namely the Holy Scriptures. Drawing upon the Scriptures as well as historical and doctrinal writings by Christian theologians, students will examine major teachings of the Christian faith with differing understandings of these teachings being explored when appropriate, enabling them to understand and articulate the basic tenets of Christianity.

  • NTHL 202: New Testament+
  • 3

Through an historical and literary survey of the New Testament, this course will emphasize theological themes and their relevance for Christian faith and life.


* Coursework will be evaluated for transferability at the time of application.

** Must be completed within 5 years of intended admission term.

# Must be completed within 7 years of intended admission term.

+ Must be completed at Concordia University Irvine after acceptance to the ABSN program. Offered 100% online.

++Small Group Communication is not an approved course for Oral Communication.

Due to the unprecedented situation regarding COVID-19, the Department of Nursing has approved the following in regards to online science/communication classes:

  1. Online science (and labs) and/or communication classes completed in Spring 2020 through Spring 2022 will be given exceptions when on-ground labs/classes are otherwise not available. 
  2. Online science and/or communication classes must be completed at regionally accredited colleges and/or universities.   
  3. Complete syllabus for the online science classes with labs, completed in Spring 2020 through Spring 2022, must be submitted at the time of application to the ABSN program.  
  4. Online science and/or communication classes completed prior to the Spring 2020 semester and/or after the Spring 2022 semesterare not eligible for exceptions.
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