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Christians and Vocations

9/8/2017 - 1 minute read

The Medieval Church taught that Christians could gain a future reward from God by their own merit. Ordinary lay people could obtain very few merits because they engaged mostly in non-spiritual activities such as raising food or making clothes. Clergy, monks, and nuns, however, gained more merits by reciting the mass, renouncing property, and remaining celibate. Luther learned from the Bible that only the merit of Jesus Christ matters.

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Coach talking to football player during a game.

Relationships Rule

6/15/2016 - 2 minute read

In order to develop and maintain a leading sports program, coaches must establish authentic, meaningful relationships, not only with student-athletes and their parents, but also with school administrators and the community-at-large, says Jon Hamro, a professor for the Master's of Coaching and Athletic Administration program at Concordia University Irvine.

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