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Masters In Coaching Episode XXXVII: Olympic Gold Medalist, Teacher, & Coach Staciana Winfield

Posted on 3/22/2022 by Tim Cates

She's an all-American swimmer, part of the California Hall of Fame, a world record holder, and a gold medal winner; she is Staciana Winfield.

Show Highlights

  • She is an Olympic gold medalist, world record holder, in the Hall of Fame at the University of California Berkeley, where she set school records, an all-American swimmer, a teacher, a yogi, and the founder of the Swimming Forward Foundation
  • How becoming an assistant coach to Andi Kawamoto-Klatt at Irvine Novaquatics Swimming after winning her Gold Medal at the Olympics allowed her to continue to be involved in the sport she loves
  • What she has learned during her time as a swim coach at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School
  • She has been coaching for 20 plus years at the high school and college levels and teaching Physical Education and Health and Wellness at the middle and high school levels
  • Why her students are so grateful after completing a yoga session with her
  • How her dad’s philosophy that “you are your own master” helped shape her into the leader, she is today
  • What she learned from having coaches who were passionate about what they did and passionate about guiding her
  • What she does to help build relationships with her students and athletes and why it’s so important
  • How the competitiveness and politics played into her and fellow Olympic teammate Amy Van Dyken’s experience during the Olympic process
  • One of the beauties of swimming for her is that the sport is time-based instead of reliant on coaches or judges
  • How swimming and Coach Dave Salo helped her through the fear and anger, she felt after being diagnosed with alopecia at 12-years-old and deal with articles highlighting it during her Olympic career
  • How becoming a role model for others revealed a network of support from others with the condition and friends/family of those with alopecia
  • Why she started her yoga journey
  • How yoga is the perfect exercise for people as they get older, for both physical and mental wellness
  • What the International Swimming League hopes to bring to the world of swimming
  • How excited she is to return to CUI as a professor and keynote speaker

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