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Masters In Coaching Episode III: Athletic Educator Alecia Ivery

Posted on 9/3/2020 by Tim Cates

Alecia Ivery

Our guest is Alecia Ivery, the Director of Innovation and Training at Girls in the Game, a Chicago-based organization helping young women with emotional trauma through year-round sports, health, and leadership programs. Alecia is an alumna of Concordia University’s Master’s in Coaching and Athletics Administration program.

Show Highlights

  • How Girls in the Game empowers girls to be game-changers
  • How sports contribute to success in life
  • How to create positive sporting experiences for youth
  • The impact of seeing women in coaching and leadership roles
  • The importance of having a female mentor and coach
  • Understanding the behind-the-scenes administrative piece of athletics
  • The benefit of choosing your own path in the MCAA program
  • How having a coaching philosophy impacts your daily work
  • Once you start this program, you’ll get hooked

Tags: Masters in Coaching, Alumni, Basketball, Coaching, MCAA Podcast

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