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Masters In Coaching Episode LXV: Gardy O’Flynn

August 29, 2023 - 1 minute read

Gardy O’Flynn

Tim Cates catches up with Gardy O'Flynn about his days in pro baseball and now 24 years teaching and coaching. Gardy is a nationally recognized throwing specialist with National Pitching East and Tom House Sports. He is also a graduate of the MCAA program from Concordia University Irvine.

Topics Discussed

  • MLB for 7 years with the Texas Rangers
  • Two Master’s Degree - MCAA (2015) and MSCE (2023)
  • 24 Years Teacher - Phys Ed.
  • Nationally known as a Top Pitching and Quarterbacks Coach
  • Learning from Concordia is directly related to Professional sport athletes to the Junior PE students
  • Experience from Minor League to Major
  • Move from Professional athlete to Teacher
  • Started working with Tom House Sports as a professional athlete
  • Tom House Pitching Mechanics and development are based off Science - Transformational teaching
  • Philosophies, Mechanics, Teaching - Posture based and importance of footstrike across all sports
  • Baseball Primarily - National Clinics with Tom House Sports
  • Talks about Dodgers Pitching Coach and staff
  • Coaching all sports, Pickleball, Golf, Tennis, Baseball etc
  • MCAA degree is relatable in all sports and in Phys Ed.
  • Took the first class, MCAA 510 and was hooked with the entire program
  • Choose to enroll in MCSE to continue learning in the Concordia University Irvine MCAA program
  • Future of training will be with Mechanics Assessment to prevent potential injuries
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