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Masters In Coaching Episode LXIV: Lindsey Behonick

August 23, 2023 - 2 minute read

Lindsey Behonick

Tim Cates catches up with Oregon State women's volleyball coach Lindsey Behonick about taking over the Beavers program and her goals as a 1st time head coach. Lindsey was one of the top assistant coaches in the country while at Pittsburgh and before that at Concordia University Irvine. Lindsey was an All-American volleyball player at Concordia University Irvine before she got her MCAA from Concordia University Irvine and pursued a career in coaching.


  • All American - Concordia University Irvine
  • Asst Coach Concordia - 75-2 and NAIA National Championship
  • Asst Coach Pitt - 4 ACC Championships

Topics Discussed

  • Building a culture quickly with high standards and expectations as well as build Relationships
  • Build a new team roster
  • Finding the right balance with athletes who buy into the school and the mission as a whole
  • Oregon State University is looking to get back to the NCAA tournament
  • Great volleyball players and athletes across the country and volleyball players are good all over
  • Got into volleyball through her mom and playing at the YMCA
  • Who molded you and is your Mentor: Paul Weisoff, John Speraw, Dan Fisher, many assistant coaches Craig Dyer, Trevor Johnson
  • Learning and Evolving is why I do it.
  • Difference from Assistant to Head Coach Responsibilities- Focus on the bigger picture with all the little things. Little Things make the Big Things Great.
  • Hiring Assistants - Find people who you can trust and buy-in to what you want, Relationship and good humans who also are better at other things.
  • Approach into the Pac 12, Wins early in preseason to steer the program into the NCAA tournament.
  • Working on competing in the “PROCESS”
  • Develop the foundation of standard, and the girls know to control effort and attitude.
  • Conversation with check in, allow the girls/players to be part of the training and autonomy in the process
  • Important to get my Master’s because I knew I wanted to be in the profession, being an assistant coach at Concordia and being able to get my masters.
  • Learned many other experiences from other coaches and athletic directors connections
  • Enjoyed the sense of community with the in-person courses
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