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Masters In Coaching Episode Episode LXVI: Eric McCurdy

November 22, 2023 - 1 minute read

Eric McCurdy

Eric McCurdy is the Athletics Director and Associate Vice President California State University at Dominguez Hills. He has experience in the private and public sectors. And he currently just completed his first full year in this role.

Topics Discussed

  • Serving out my passion has been exciting and overwhelmingly exciting
  • I knew that I wanted to be an Administrator and serving the student athletes
  • I only got here with having a “Mentor”
  • Opportunity to work with student athletes of different demographics brought me to CSUDH
  • I was able to see things before they happened with the help of my mentor and interscholastic experience
  • I have been able to view this job through the a different lens
  • Working on giving our students a first class experience above and beyond the classroom
  • Recognizing the arms race in facilities, hosting or experiences
  • First 90 days you Look, Listen and Learn
  • Looking at adding sports to creating the front window of the school, enrollment especially
  • Finding the best fit for athlete, coach, and program within the Transfer Portal
  • MCAA - once in on my position at Seattle I learned that I needed my Masters
  • I saw all my colleagues at NFHS had Masters and some Doctorates
  • I called Concordia as they are faith filled, family oriented and taken care of me
  • What separates MCAA from any other is that they CARED.
  • I have now become an ambassador for the MCAA program
  • Forward looking at increasing the staff and the people who serve our students
  • Excited about potential of the people we are serving from the President down to the students and athletic department
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