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2013 Lecture

We Lost Each Other Too: God, Persons, and Moral Status by Rev. Dr. James Bachman

Human history reports countless violations of the moral rights of fellow humans. Raw human evil accounts for much of the story, but a more troubling dimension of the story is that enduring moral and religious traditions have also played a part. Ancient philosophers made acute observations about morality, but they lived all too comfortably with oppression of slaves and women. The world's religions have a long history of countenancing second class status for various populations.

Biblical faith provides profound insight into why sinful humans oppress each other. More difficult to discern, however, is how God's redemption of the world can and does reshape our treatment of one another. In this Trembath lecture James Bachman will explore both the biblical account of our plight and ways Christians can participate in God's strategies for restoring humans to himself and to each other.

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