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Heading Styles

Web Team

Standard Heading 1

<h1>Standard Heading 1</h1>

Featured Heading 1

<h1 class="title">Featured Heading 1</h1>

Subtitle Heading 1

<h1 class="subtitle">Subtitle Heading 1</h1>

Standard Heading 2

<h2>Standard Heading 2</h2>

Featured Heading 2

<h2 class="title">Featured Heading 2</h2>

Subtitle Heading 2

<h2 class="subtitle">Subtitle Heading 2</h2>

Standard Heading 3

<h3>Standard Heading 3</h3>

Subtitle Heading 3

<h3 class="subtitle">Subtitle Heading 3</h3>

Standard Heading 4

<h4>Standard Heading 4</h4>
Standard Heading 5

<h5>Standard Heading 5</h5>

The use of headings should be consistent. The h1 at the top of the content should be identical to the link title in the left nav. Subheadings in h2 should be used for categorizing content paragraphs and sections within the content. Any sub sections of a certain area should use h3. If a sub subsection needs some emphasis, the use of h4 is allowed. There shouldn't be any use of headings beyond h4.

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