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MyCUI Promotion Policy

Web Team


To foster community amongst our students and enhance their engagement to the campus, strengthen their sense of belonging and positively influence their overall Concordia Experience.


Student involvement in our co­curricular campus activities plays a significant role in contributing to their holistic development as a person. Being socially integrated into campus life leads to student persistence.

Target Audience

Current students.


MyCUI is the target audience's most frequented page on the website. With the intention of being student­-focused, this webpage will display visually engaging promotions* in a slideshow format to make students aware of upcoming events**.

*The MyCUI slides are strictly reserved to promote large events that are planned for all students (e.g. Homecoming, 5k Eagle Race, Night of Hope, Friday night student activities, CUI Bono Lectures, campus speakers, etc.).
**In order to maintain trust amongst the students, this will not be a space for marketing or fundraising.


  • Five slides at any given time***
  • Slides will run at least a week before the event***
  • Slides will always appear in chronological order with evergreen / non-date specific events last***

***The Marketing department will use discretion to determine if more slides can be posted, the duration of each promotion, and the order in which they are promoted.


The Marketing department will maintain a standard of design on the website by either:

  • Creating the slide in-house, or
  • Approving user-generated slides

In order to abide by current web accessibility standards, we will not display MyCUI slides with text saved on the image file. All copy will be automatically overlaid on the image or graphic using HTML. The information that is displayed on each slide will include:****

  • Title of slide
  • Subtitle/description
  • Date & location
  • Optional button for more information

****The Marketing department will use discretion to determine the best way to render the information that is provided.


Saved for web at 630px by 410px

Submitting Your Request

The Marketing department will oversee the approval and visibility of slides and determine priority based on the current amount of requests. Marketing will offer suggestions to maximize the success of your promotion.

Submit your request at least 2 weeks before the event to ensure the Marketing department has adequate time to design and display your ad.

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