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Transportation Services

University Services

Transportation Services

Students, staff or faculty may rent a van through University Services or a bus from one of our contracted companies. The rental will be for academic, mission trips, student services or athletic use only. These requests will be made through the University Services department at least a week ahead of your anticipated use date.


  • If you would like to request a van, please email your request form to [email protected] and [email protected].
  • The Transportation Manager will need to receive the filled out Van Request Form via email, at least one week before the trip.
  • Once the keys are ready for pick up, the requestor will receive an email to pick up the keys in the University Services office. If other arrangements need to be made to retrieve keys, please email and coordinate with the Transportation Manager.
  • You will receive an insurance card for the year. Please have all drivers take a picture or make copies so each van has one in case of an accident.
  • All groups who use the vans are responsible for filling up the gas tanks right before returning to campus, and should be completely FULL when returning them back to the parking lot.
    If you notice that the van you receive is not completely filled up with gas, before you drive off campus take a clear picture of the gas gauge, send it to [email protected] and/or [email protected] and include the 3 digit key number that is on the tag of the key. We will then see who used it last and they will be billed for the gas they did not fill up. If the picture is not sent within the hour of your departure, you will be responsible for filling up the van completely. Otherwise, if you see the van is not filled up and send the picture, you will only be responsible for filling up what you use.
  • Please park all vehicles in the West (Baseball) Parking Lot. There is reserved van parking.
  • When the team/ department is finished with the use of the vehicle, keys are to be immediately returned to the transportation office. If there is no one to retrieve the keys, please place them in the black key drop box that is right outside of CUC 101.
  • The Transportation Manager will receive an invoice for the vehicles that were used and it will be sent to the appropriate department for authorization of payment. It is then the department’s responsibility to send the invoice(s) to the Accounting department.

Van Request Form


  • If you would like to request a bus, please fill out a bus request form and email it to [email protected] and [email protected].
  • Upon receipt of the completed form, the Transportation Manager will send it to the bus company and receive a confirmation for the bus. The confirmation will then be sent to the requestor for their records. Please review the confirmation notice carefully. If you see that there is a mistake, it is the responsibility of the requestor to bring it to the attention of the Transportation Manager so they can alert the bus company to make changes.
  • One or two days before the trip, an email will be sent with details about the bus including the bus pick up time, location, bus driver’s name and phone number.
  • After the trip, The Transportation Manager will be billed and the invoice will be sent to the appropriate department for authorization of payment.

Bus Request Form

Hotels & Flights

  • All hotels, travel and flights will be booked through Onward, a third party that Concordia University Irvine works very closely with. For any overnight and long distance trips, you can contact them at [email protected] to make Hotel, Travel and Flight arrangements.
  • Onward will bill the requesting party directly.
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