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Maintenance & Facilities

University Services

Facility Management

CUI is responsible for making sure that the facilities and their services meet the needs of the Students, Staff and Faculty that work in them. Facility Management is responsible for services such as cleaning, security, grounds and parking to make sure the surrounding environment is in a suitable condition to work.


Maintenance includes the upkeep and improvements performed to the campus’s facilities, including buildings, sports fields, roads, grounds and classrooms for the purpose of maintaining a quality learning environment.


The grounds maintenance department (Aramark) is responsible for the exterior maintenance and repair of the landscape and hardscape areas throughout the campus including the sports fields.


Janitorial services include general cleaning of the campus and keeping it maintained and in good condition. Duties of the janitorial staff include vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning and stocking the restrooms, cleaning up spills with appropriate equipment, and performing minor repairs.

Facility Use Committee

The Facility Use Committee reviews and approves the CUI Annual Master Events Calendar, reviews non-CUI and co-sponsored event requests, manages CUI’s yearly Special Event allotment, reviews and sets campus policies related to events held on-campus and the use of CUI’s facilities, and reviews CUI’s annual special events report for the City of Irvine. Additional duties of the committee also include the use of CUI facilities as related to traffic management, conferencing, revenue generation, student recruitment, city, community, and church relations, and adherence to CUI’s Mission Statement. The committee meets biweekly year-round as needed and is chaired by Tim Odle, Vice President of University Operations & Athletics. University Services is responsible for creating the agenda for the Facility Use Committee meetings, managing facility use requests for review by the committee, writing and submitting the annual special events report to the City of Irvine, and managing the Annual Master Events Calendar process.

Maintenance & Janitorial Needs for Faculty & Staff

Please be as specific as possible when emailing about a Maintenance and/or Janitorial need. Make sure to include the building, room number and any other necessary information to best fulfill your request. All requests must come first and only through the University Services office. Please email us at [email protected]. University Services will enter these requests through a system that will go straight to our contracted facility team, Aramark. The system will then generate a work order that will be put into a queue and facilitated usually in the order that it is put in, depending on the extent of the request.

Maintenance Requests for Students

Please scan the QR code that is located either on the back of your dorm room door or fridge. It will direct you to a website where you can input your request.

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