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Privacy & Confidentiality (Faculty & Staff)

The University is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals involved in a report of sexual misconduct or relationship violence. In any report made under the policies, the privacy interest of those involved will be protected in a manner consistent with the need to respond to and to conduct a thorough review of the incident reported. Information will only be shared with those individuals who have a legitimate need to know the information in order to assist in the response to, investigation, and/or resolution of the complaint.

Confidentiality is not the same as privacy. Confidentiality means that the information shared with a certain University employee or outside professional cannot be disclosed to others without the express permission of the individual who shares the information.

Individuals who wish to obtain confidential assistance without making a report to the University may do so by speaking confidentially with professionals who are obligated by law to maintain confidentiality, subject to the stated terms of confidentiality of that office.

To file a complaint with the University, please complete our online form, which will be submitted electronically to the Title IX Coordinator.

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