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Dear LEAD Applicant:

Thank you for applying to the Leadership Education & Development (LEAD) Program in the Center for Student Leadership and Development (CSLD). Being a LEAD Coordinator requires a tremendous amount of dedication to providing excellent service and programming to the student population at Concordia University Irvine.

Applications must be completed and submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb 16, 2024. After you submit your application, you will receive an email to sign up for a group and an individual interview, which will take place beginning Monday, February 19, 2024.

Please note the following important dates for all LEAD positions:

  • LEAD Coordinators are required to attend the All Student Leadership Kick-off Night on Friday, April 5, 2024 from 5pm-6:30pm (Location TBD).
  • LEAD Coordinators must be available to return to campus for fall student leadership training and participate in all WOW activities from Sunday, August 16, 2024-Sunday, August 18, 2024 (subject to change).
  • LEAD Coordinators must be available to return to campus for spring student leadership training on Friday, January 3, 2025 (subject to change) and participate in Spring Orientation.
  • LEAD Coordinators are required to attend LEAD Team Huddles that will take place on Wednesdays from 10:30-11:00 am during the fall and spring semester, 2023-2024 (time subject to change).
  • LEAD Coordinators will meet weekly as a group and individually with their designated supervisor.
  • LEAD Coordinators are responsible for working 10 hours on average per week.
  • LEAD Coordinators will work as a team together to put on quality events that will serve the student body.

You may indicate your preference for which LEAD area in which you would like to serve, however you will be placed according to the needs of the LEAD program. If you have any questions regarding the position, please do not hesitate to contact me at (949) 214-3048, or via email at [email protected].

In Christ,
Amanda Norris
Director of Student Life & Leadership Development

What is LEAD and its purpose?

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program was created to engage the students of Concordia University Irvine in programs that will enhance the campus, community, and world. During each academic year, we select students through an application process who would like to serve in a specific LEAD area.

There are seven different areas to serve as a LEAD Coordinator. These include:

  • Concordia Cares
  • Intramurals
  • Student Activities
  • Hunt Coordinators

The primary purpose of the LEAD Coordinator is to:

  • Implement programs, events and activities at Concordia University Irvine.
  • Develop opportunities and enriching experiences for the student body to be engaged in the campus and Orange County community, foster relationships with each other, invest in the University, and to strengthen their awareness of themselves.
  • Maintain a standard of excellence, leadership, academic and spiritual maturity.

Qualifications & Requirements

As a student leader in the LEAD Program, the LEAD Coordinator is expected to handle his/her responsibilities maturely, with professionalism, and exhibit exemplary conduct while assuming the position.

The LEAD Coordinator must have excellent communication skills and the ability to relate to a diverse student population. Organizational skills are also essential, as is the ability to learn quickly, multi-task, give clear instructions, and solve problems in a timely and efficient manner. LEAD Coordinators should be enthusiastic students of the University as well as positive Christian role models. In addition, LEAD Coordinators must be able to relate well with students and CUI faculty/staff. LEAD Coordinators should be comfortable working independently and as a part of the LEAD and student leadership team. Experience with event planning is a plus, however not required.

Desirable characteristics:

  • Positive Christian Role Model
  • Responsible
  • Takes initiative
  • Integrity
  • Comfortable addressing groups
  • Ability to relate to a variety of personality types
  • Flexible
  • Perseverance, dedication and a sense of humor when encountering inevitable challenges
  • Ability to work closely with others as a leader and a team member
  • Leadership ability
  • Commitment

All applicants must meet the following:

  • Understand and believe in the objectives of the LEAD Program.
  • Complete at least 24 credit hours (full-time student status) by the end of the current spring semester at Concordia University Irvine. Members must be full-time students (at least 12 units per semester).
  • Be in good standing and maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of appointment.
  • Must maintain a 2.75 GPA while holding the position
  • Enroll in INT 105 for the Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 semester (or already completed a previous semester)
  • Return to Concordia University Irvine for the 2024 to 2025 academic year.
  • Be available for all the dates and times previously mentioned.
  • May not hold any other student leadership position at Concordia University Irvine unless otherwise approved by the supervisor.
  • All outside jobs or positions must be approved by the supervisor. Any outside job or position must not come into direct conflict with the responsibilities of the LEAD position. (Do NOT make any personal plans during LEAD training, WOW, and Spring Orientation).

Responsibilities & Descriptions

The responsibilities of the Concordia Cares Coordinator are to:

  • Manage volunteers during off-campus trips to local nonprofits
  • Recruit students, staff, and faculty to participate in volunteer projects
  • Educate the campus on issues of poverty and inequality in Orange County
  • Work with Marketing Coordinator to thoroughly promote upcoming Concordia Cares events
  • Schedule and coordinate volunteer opportunities with local non-profits
  • Thoroughly promote upcoming events

The responsibilities of the Intramural Coordinator shall be to:

  • Obtain sign-ups for all Intramural activities
  • Select and schedule Intramural activities for the year
  • Hire, train, and schedule referees and scorekeepers
  • Coordinate work study students to work as referees, scorekeepers and first responders and determine their work schedules.
  • Be at all Intramural games
  • Keep records of teams and postgame results weekly
  • Plan and coordinate championship games for each sport
  • Ensure a safe environment for intramural activities
  • Thoroughly promote upcoming Intramurals events

The responsibilities of the Student Activities Coordinator are to:

  • Participate in the Involvement Fairs
  • Plan and coordinate all Homecoming activities including, but not limited to, a Spirit Week, dance, weekend events (in collaboration with Alumni Relations, ASCUI, and Screaming Eagles)
  • Plan and coordinate monthly events including Beach Bash, Suitcase Bingo, Fall Festival, Kindergarten Day, Rock the Amp, and other campus wide events
  • Thoroughly promote upcoming events

The responsibilities of the Hunt Coordinators are to:

  • Plan, execute, and market the Hunt Prey Day events & competitions in collaboration with RES, Intramurals, and Student Activities
  • Serve as the official Hunt scorekeeper and track of stamp card rewards and distribution
  • In collaboration with CUI Athletics, create incentives, half-time, pre-game, and post-game events to encourage attendance at predetermined sporting events
  • Run the Hunt social Media account and Hunt app page keeping all pages up to date and accurate
  • Serve as the official face of the Hunt, appearing in all videos and promotional materials and hyping up the competitions to students
  • Oversee the recruitment and operations of the Flight Club student section
  • Recruit Hunt ambassadors from each team to serve on the Hunt Committee


LEAD Coordinators are paid $16.00 an hour for the 2024-25 academic year.


For questions about the LEAD Coordinator positions, please contact:

Amanda Norris

Amanda Norris
Director of Student Life & Leadership Development
(949) 214-3048
[email protected]

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